Francisco Reginaldo da Silva Santos “Reginaldo Kanindé”

On a contagiously sunny morning, when the sunshine brings splendid joy, an old Indian told a story from the past. According to this tale, Brazil would be one village, with Indians from all over becoming the strongest force, showing that you either tighten or untie the knot. The day was approaching, there would be a pandemic from another continent that would affect everyone. They thought it was a flu, but it just seemed to be. The speed of the disease was stunning, it was contagious through touch, coughing and sneezing. It was something impressive transmitted through the air.

This all began in the year 2020, coming from another continent, the pandemic arrived here and spread throughout the country in less than 30 days. It was a very serious illness, with no comparison, because there is no vaccine and no medication. There is only one thing to do until now, for everyone to stay at home, in isolation.

Life changed very quickly, nearly everything has stopped, everyone is at home with their families, although still risking going out to the market, the pharmacy or the city, with great care.

Each isolated village is closed off in its place, restricted to its area, to care and preserve, because it is not possible to struggle. To gather with relatives would be incomparably risky, because the virus could decimate everyone, which would mean the death of the entire population.

Even with so many constant threats, this arose and has caused great suffering, but the struggle continues in times of isolation. Everyone is now distant, but understands the importance of remaining united and not stopping the movement.

Various webs are created amid this isolation, information is exchanged nearly constantly, showing that the Indigenous peoples also have knowledge. Although everyone is isolated in this pandemic, a weapon has gained strength, known as technology. The news spreads quickly and everyone is connected throughout Brazil, Indigenous people in every corner of the country, something never seen, as if a network was subtly created.

Everyone is on the communication networks in search of rights, reporting violence and seeking respect, struggling for dignity and equality before the law, confronting prejudice, inequality and disrespect. In this way, Brazil was transformed into a village where all the indigenous are part of this web.

People are far apart, but united in the isolation, because the struggle continues at each and any moment, in joy, in disease, in pain and suffering. The history of the old Indian is now a reality, we are all human beings, this is the reality, only our cultures give us our identity.

Reginaldo Kanindé

Francisco Reginaldo da Silva Santos “Reginaldo Kanindé”, pertencente ao povo Kanindé de Aratuba, professor do laboratório de informática da Escola indígena Manoel Francisco dos Santos. Possui formação no Magistério Indígena, Licenciatura em História. Atualmente é graduando em Matemática e Mestrando em Antropologia, integrante do Núcleo Gestor do Museu Indigena Kaninde e Escritor indígena "poeta".